This page was designed with the purpose of driving me to do my writing work. I will post updates on my projects on an almost weekly basis. If you know of any other smart ways of keeping on track with your work, let’s talk about it!

Get to meet the projects below, and watch the progress by dates.

23rd of March

1. Codename: Losalia (not final)

Language: Romanian.

Novel:  Losalia is the story of a girl who should have been a son – a seventh son of a seventh son, born out of man and demon to continue a weakening bloodline of warlocks. Sentenced to death by a disappointed father who sold his soul to something older than the devil just to have this child, she grows from an infant to a woman while wandering the world in the strangest company, leaving destruction, pain, as well as hope and rebirth in her path as she discovers herself.

2. Codename: Section 666

Language: Romanian

Novella: If blood would run on the streets of the city, this case would be easier for Section 666, the supernatural investigation department of the Bucharest police. But there is no blood, and all fairytale character – even the ones who fear no one – have suddenly gone mute …

3. Codename: Tickets to the other side

Language: English

A series of flash fiction: these are short pieces, inspired by artwork from my favourite sci-fi illustrators. Aiming to reach 100 pieces to collect in an ebook. Published on the blog.

4. Codename: Venus

Language: Romanian

Short story: I am planning to submit a short story for the Venus anthology. So far I have a few ideas, nothing more.

5. Codename: Trashgod

Language: English

Short story: Vasilisk and his crew head out for the fabled scrapheap across the desert, dreaming of treasures they can recycle into k-ching. Instead, they end up on the verge of being recycled themselves by what they unwittingly loose into the world.


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