You are what you write.

And that is true especially in a world that, let’s face it, is full of crap. Dogs and people drop it on your doorstep.  Journalists leave their own trademark of the C currency in your newspaper. It oozes out of every pore of all media. You find it between the pages of some books. Some sing about it, while others actually sing something that can only be called crap. It’s in the news. No, wait, it’s on all TV shows – maybe not completely, maybe just a sliver now and then and maybe, just maybe, there are a few crap-free shows. But it’s there and, trust me, your kids talk about it at school – it’s everyone’s favorite subject. No wonder they end up cashing in money from putting it on billboards, spreads, posters, fliers, adverts and banners.

There’s crap even on your shopping list.

And this happens in a world where you are what you read and what you write.

So, you’re at a fork in the road now. Worse, you’re at a fork in the road every day, because you have to make a choice about what you read. Most vital, about what you write.

So write something that is not crap.

Write a story. A full story, something that begins somewhere in balance and ends in growth (a peculiar sort of temporary return to balance). Growth of your characters, of your ideas and hopes, growth of your brain, paid in full by the pains of wading through the chaos between two islands of balance.

Don’t read me the wrong way. I’m not saying “Write fiction”. What you write is your choice – or at least it should be. But if you’re at it, write genuinely, write something that you believe in, something that will bring tears in your eyes when you read it again because it’s a fairy tale you’ve written as a present for the love of your life, or something that makes you smug as hell because you feel this could be your most creative and well written piece of flat-out weirdness, or maybe it gives you the complete and utter feeling of peace for having finished a paper that can change the way others try to solve a problem.

Van Gogh and Picasso didn’t paint the same. They did paint the way their own personal epiphanies compelled them to, and both told stories.

So, make this one vital choice in your life, for the sake of all crap-assaulted readers: be a storyteller, not a copywriter.

You are what you read, so, if you feel that anything I’ve written is full of crap, stop reading.

You’re better off writing a story that matters.

Because you are what you write.


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