Letters bloody letters,/Nothing more to write ...*

That’s why I started this in the first place: letters are the bloodiest, cruelest, most annoying and least domesticable of all entities.

My relationship with letters has been long and turbulent. I have admired them grazing on white pastures, only to find myself running for my life as they hunted down my ideas and feelings in packs.

I enjoy reading. History, science, business, literature. Above all, a good story. Yes, I have a sweet tooth for fantasy, horror and sci-fi. But a good story can never be ignored, no matter the genre. Same for any good piece of writing, including non-fiction.

And for some unknown reason, there are times when I feel like writing. There’s this great story revolving in my head and it wants to go out. Badly. It’s hazy, it unclear, I don’t know where it may lead, but I get flashbacks from a time and world that might be, if only …

… if only those letters wouldn’t be so bloody stubborn.

That’s what this blog is about:

  • An account of my attempts at taming letters
  • Sharing experiences and ideas that may interest other letter tamers
  • Getting in touch with other letter tamers
  • Learning from the best

See you in the arena!

*If you can’t recognize a Black Sabbath rip-off, I will be willingly give myself in. That’s the dark land where the title of this blog came from.


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