15 May

There I was, posing in front of the Inchi Patisserie in Istanbul just because I had read about the place in Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence, when this old man, a cross between Santa and Nasreddin Hodja comes in, smelling of fresh tobacco and rose water, and orders a portion of their famous profiterol.

For me, this goes into the priceless category.

There’s nothing like visiting places you’ve read about, especially if the story that took you there touched a special place in your soul, heart or imagination. It brings new life into characters and puts their daily and extraordinary life into new perspectives or, in other words, it turns someone else’s stories into your own memories.

So, how could it get any better?

Well, you could visit places you are going to write about.
This is not just for fun. A writer should put travel in his job descrition, way up where reading is. (The fact that the two even go together is an added bonus.) Travel is a must if you’re going to write about places that matter. If you want you’re readers to feel, see, smell and live with the characters, you’d better make damn sure you know what the bites of lifes you’re offering taste like.

The inspiration you might get in the process of finding out is also priceless.


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