The thing in the dark

20 Mar

“Treachery!” he felt like screaming.

But it would do no good. He was stuck with it and the only thing that kept his fear at bay was the outrage of knowing it was his own mother who had opened the gates of Hell, summoning the horror.

There were just the two of them, crammed together in that crib, now nothing more than a death cage.

The thing stood motionless in the dark corner of the crammed bed, the only distinguishable feature being a rounded brownish speck of plush highlighted by a stray ray of moonlight. Somewhere in the shadows a single eye glistened.

Treachery, indeed, and the cruelest sort – to be discarded by your own mother and fed to the dark masters plotting their schemes in the dark corners of world. She’d even stuck the pacifier in his mouth with a loving smile and given him a kiss.

It was a Judas kiss and the pacifier was there to keep him from screaming.

Fear paralyzed him, or maybe it was the ridiculous outfit, but he had to act. Crawling on all four, he darted with the speed of heart attack, grabbed the thing and threw it over the railing, back into the deepest, darkest pits below.

‘Tried to throw it’ was a better description of what happened.

The thing was not only heavy, but cunning too, using its weight to crush him, smother him under its bulk. It smelled of dust and musty toy boxes and its skin was deceivingly soft until the abrasive fossil of glue holding long-lost buttons would scrape against skin.

The baby felt all the air getting pushed out of his lungs as the thing slammed into him with full force.

They fought in the dark, on the treacherous sheets, until nimbleness triumphed over size and an aptly placed foot on the teddy bear’s chest cast it out of the bed.

He sighed in relief, knowing he had survived another night.

As for his mother, he felt bitter about her betrayal . He’d trusted her blindly, every minute of every day he’d spent in this world after stepping through that tear in the fabric of the multiverse.

The wages of sin will be dire. He’ll get her tomorrow.

Right now, time for some rest. The fight had been exhausting and he bit hard into the pacifier with his toothless gums as he slipped into dreamland.


Submission for the Chuck Wendig Weekly Challenge:


3 Responses to “The thing in the dark”

  1. shreejacob March 21, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    Nice story!! I remember my teddy bear too, but I don’t remember it being a bad bear!!

    • lettersbloodyletters March 22, 2011 at 12:02 am #

      Well, I really liked teddy bears, plush monkeys, goofy stuffed dogs and the wire, velvet and hem deer. I also had a thing for miniature toys – they were my favourites, but I was crazy for anything that could be turned into a character if you wanted to make up a story about it.

      The only thing is, I wasn’t a toddler by that time and with this story I got to wonder if some toys that we take for granted aren’t downright creepy for the little ones, even if’s just the light. 😉

  2. CMStewart March 24, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    Ha! Great use of perspective. Great everything. 🙂

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