Trashgod – part V

6 Mar

Cling clang went the noise of the shaman as he sunk so deep, and for so long, he might as well have gone straight to Hell. By the time he had stopped, their tinker’s brains were already having neuron barbecue from all the ides, transistors, tools and spare parts they’d collected, some of them never seen before, others downright alien.

When the noise did stop, there were 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … seconds of silence. However, when second no. 1 should have kept its mouth shut too, the growling erupted again from the bowls of whatever underworld lay beneath them. It was long, ground shattering and

“… it MOVES.”

“Aye, laddie. Fast as a ferret.”

“It’s surfacing, you dolts. Moooooooove!”

The smell of static turned into overpowering stench of freshly taken off pullover. A piece of integrated circuit threw sparks in Percival’s hand and the hair on Orion’s back stood up.

They ran.


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