On the scene

25 Feb

I had a great time this evening.

“The Cherry Orchard” at the The National Theatre in Bucharest, enjoying  Marius Manole as Lopahin and Mircea Albulescu as Firs, has been a good experience for my brain, right before sinking into a weekend of organizing 16 hours of interviews.

I rarely go to the theatre, but that felt like such a shame when the cocktail of waltz music and Yasha’s ominous laughter filled my glass with goosebumps, and spilled over after Lopahin’s intoxicated gourging on sour cherry compote .

Stephen King said that a writer’s task is to read 4 hours/day and write 4 hours/day, but I’ll add a little something. A writer should go to the theatre, too.

It’s called STUDYING. Watching good actors and taking home the feelings you get during a play can be a one of the strongest ways to power up your character writing.

But wait – I’ve got an even better idea!!!

I’ve often felt, while writing, that what my characters were doing was unnatural, forced, even when their actions where congruent with the authentic personalities I had imagined for them. The big picture fit, but somehow, the paintbrush was too coarse or the color was wrong.

Ever felt that?

It’s a rhetorical question … I know you did if you care about what you write.

So … why not try acting and discover what being a character really feels like?


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